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Nomine - Latin (IPA)
       Name, title, reputation. eo nomine- by the name of

What's in a name?

At Nomine: Ghost, we believe that names matter. More specifically, your name. It means everything. Our expert writing services are well positioned to empower your name; because your name is the focal point for your story, your brand, your reputation, and your aspirations.

Nomine: Ghost believes that empowerment is best achieved through the intrinsic potency of words well-shaped; a power that inspires, creates, lends impact, provides guidance, hones substance, and cultivates memorable storytelling.

Consider Nomine: Ghost if you're seeking the following services:

  • Discreet ghost writing

  • Creative writing

  • Content creation

  • Speech writing

  • Primary or supplemental research

  • Editing and proof-reading

  • Technical writing

  • Lyrical work

  • Other freelance writing assistance

We are Nomine: Ghost. For our clients, our name is always second to yours.

Have questions about our services?

Contact a Ghost for further information.

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